This is the game of Ur.The rules are similar to chest, backgammon, and checkers. You throw the dice to decide who goes first and starts on their square then rolled the dice for the amount of squares they move. The objective is to get all pieces before your opponent. This is the oldest game board in the world and was made before 2600 BCE. 

Have you ever wondered where the dice came from? The worlds oldest dice was discovered in Ancient Mesopotamia. To be exact, it was found at Tepe Gawra, near the modern town of Mosul. That particular old dice dates back to about 2750 BCE. They made dice in Ancient Mesopotamia out of bone, clay, or stones and had six sides.


Believe it or not, the people in Mesopotamia, wrestled and boxed! A common and competitive sport today, was also a common sport back in Ancient Mesopotamia. This tablet shows two boxers and dates back to about 4000 years ago. It was found at Eshnunna , the modern day town of Tell Ashmar. It's amazing that we still have the same sports as they did back in ancient Mesopotamia. Also, the  Assyrian kings liked to hunt. Another popular pastimes was a game similar to polo.

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